"One of 1999 10 best performances." - The New York Times


"Caravane", whose premiere at the Kitchen was named “one of the ten best performances of 1999” by The New York Times, won Urban Tap’s artistic director Tamango a Bessie/New York Dance and Performance Award in 2000. It has proven the group's unique signature and position as a major force internationally through a subsequent sold-out three week run at the New Victory Theater in 2001, a two-week run at The Joyce Theater in 2002 as well as numerous extensive tours throughout the US and abroad.


"Caravane was greeted with the kind of ovation usually reserved for heads of state." - San Francisco Chronicle

Driven by an urban beat immediacy and fueled by improvisation, “Caravane” features a dynamic global cast of performers in an innovative exchange of rhythms. Within this mix, Tamango orchestrates magical and timeless happenings inspired by the rhythmic cadences of the street's global sounds. “Caravane” takes you on a soulful journey crafted by the versatility of music, dance and video projections that merge in a powerful intermingling of cultures and creative styles including a broad range of free-style dance such as tap, capoeira, African, hip-hop, and the exhilarating sounds of Haitian drumming, trumpet, keyboard and vocals.


"This fusion of international dance and music, psychedelic projections, and poetry that takes the mesmerizing pervasiveness of rhythm as its unifying theme is one of the most stunning theatrical events to stop here." - The Boston Phoenix.


An integral part of the “Caravane” experience is the visual music of a video montage created live by VJ Naj and projected on very large screens on stage, acting as a frame and a context to the show as well as a key player in the mix.  


“Hauntingly beautiful shots... the video and live music rhythms interact excitingly at times. The technology is impressive. Tamango and Naj, who designed the visuals and is also the show’s onstage V.J., are clearly onto something." - The New York Times.





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