Urban Tap shows are unique hybrids of free-style dance, percussive and hypnotic music and live video environments that are best described as "visual music." Within this mix, the company creates magical and timeless happenings inspired by the rhythmic cadences of the street's global sounds and the roots of ancient cultural traditions. Urban Tap was born within the underground New York scene of the 90’s as weekly jam-sessions, orchestrated by tap dancer Tamango. These would bring together dancers, musicians, singers, martial artists, video artists et other performers from around the world, sharing a passion for improvisation and rhythm. Invited in 1999 to perform at the Kitchen, Urban Tap immediately won an audience and critical acclaim ("One of the ten best performances" - The New York Times). This was also the beginning of long lasting collaboration between Tamango and video artist Jean de Boysson who have since created a substential body of work.